Thursday, December 10, 2009

Map Work Questions

Dear Student,
Map work in ICSE exam carries 10 marks. So please locate the following places, rivers, ranges, areas of soil, minerals etc. Keep outline map of India with you.


  1. River Indus
  2. Rover Jhelum
  3. River Chenab
  4. River Ravi
  5. River Sutlej
  6. River Beas

The above rivers are part of River Indus system.

1. River Ganga

2.river Yamuna (tributary of Ganga)

3. River Chambal (tributary of Yamuna)

4. River Betwa (tributary of Yamuna)

5.River Son (tributary of Ganga)

6.River Damodar ( tributary of Ganga) (Chambal, Betwea, Son. Damodar rise at the ege of Peninsular Plateau and join Ganga on right bank

7. River Gomti

8.River Ghaghara

9.River Gandak

10. River Kosi --- all these tributaries of Ganga which join Ganga on left bank

1. River Brahamaputra

West Flowing Rivers

1. River Narmada

2. River Tapi

East Flowing rivers (in order from north to south)

1. River Mahanadi

2. River Godavari

3. River Krishna and its tributaries River Bhima and River Tungabhadra

4. River Kaveri



1. Chagai Hills

2. Hindukush Mt

3. Karakoram Range

4. Aravalli Range

5. Sulaiman Mt

6. Kirthar Mt

7. Mt Godwin Austin (mark triangle )

8. Bolan Pass (use the symbol of pass)

9. Khyber Pass (use the symbol of pass)

10. Mt Everest (mark triangle)

11. Kanchanjunga (mark triangle)

12. Vindhyas

13. Satpura Mts

14. Maikala Range

15. Chota Nagpur Hills

16. Mahabaleshwar (use triangle)

17. Western Ghats

18. Palghat Pass

19. Annamalai Hills

20. Cardamom Hills

21. Nilgiri Hills

22. Eastern Ghats

23. Rajmahal Hills

24. Himalayas

25. Garo Hills (in Meghalaya)

26. Khasi Hills (in Meghalaya)

27. Jainthia Hills (in Meghalaya)

28. Shiwalik Hills

29. Chittagong Hills



Ranjitha said...

thanks for uploading names of certain rivers and mountain ranges. but some of the pictures are not so clear.

amulya said...

thanks 4r uploading this br

nagesh said...

br places could gave been highligted so it could be easy for searching

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