Sunday, February 21, 2010

More on toposheets

Hello friends,
Due to lot of requests, I’m updating my geoblog. Many of you have asked me to publish more toposheets. Here I am!
Let us look at this toposheet. Double click on this toposheet. You will see the enlarged topomap. Let us look at the Northern part of the toposheeet- see various features. Can you see QC,- What is it?
According to the international system of location of a place the whole world has been divided into various squares. It starts frm the place where the equator and prime meridian meet and is named UA. Under the same fashion the whole world has been divided.......................... Thus the square is named QC.
QC means that there is end of numbering of northing or easting i.e 0-99 on a toposheet it is written after every 100km. Here it is the end of northings.

Look at the town Panthawada- It has a police station (PS), Post Office (PO), well connected roads. a temple, perennial wells, etc.

Now let us to to the north-east of the map. What do you see over there? -
OPEN SCRUB- What does it mean? It indicates desert or semidesert condition. The occupation in this area would be sheep or goat rearing.
You will also see Lime Kiln- It is a furnace for baking limestone.Its presence shows the trade possibilities and the people working in it.

Let us study 6 figure grid reference. Look at the triangulated height of 224. Let us first find out four figure grid reference. Let us see the eastings first. We locate it in easting 82. Let us see the northings. It is in northing 94. So four figure grid reference of the triangulated height is 8294. Now how do you find four figure grid refernce. We have already found out the four figure grid refernce. (8294) Let us divide that square (8294) into 10 equal squares as it is I have done in the toposheet. Look at it closely. For every 2 cms, you mark one square. So you will have 10 equal squares. For 6 figure grid reference, first 3 figures are of eastings and the second part of the 6 figure reference is of northings. We have already know easting is 82. Let us now find out the third figure from those small squares. Its in first square. So first three figures are 821 and the second part is 941. So six figure grid reference is 821941 or 822941. Did you get it? I hope so anyway.

Can you see the broken ground? (I have marked in the toposheet) What is a broken ground? They are generally found along the banks of a river. Broken ground is caused by erosion during rain when the river is in flood. It usually happens in the area devoid of vegetation.

Ok, I will upload more toposheets tomorrow. Do mail me or scrap me. It will be my honour to help you. For further clarifications, send me a message-

Thursday, February 4, 2010

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