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Study the Sheet No. 45D/10 (Eastings 16-25, Northings 18-27) and answer the following questions:-
a) Red parallel lines link north to south. What does it stand for? It is also seen crossing a canal in themiddle part. What is the feature shown at the crossing point? (2)
b) Explain the following terms in the grid square 2025: (2)
i) DB ii) ● 302
c) Give the four figure grid reference of the following. (2)
i) Moti Talao south of the sheet ii) Stony Waste in the north west iii) PO
iv) Village in Burai Khera
d) What type of river Sipu Nadi is? How is the settlement Gulabanj protected from seasonal floods of this river? (2)
e) Give the direction of the following: (2)
i) Sukli Nadi from Sipu Nadi ii) Gulabanj from Pamera Village (1822)
f) Calculate the length of the road in the map extract from north to south. Mention the end points of the road so calculated. (2)
g) What does fire line in grid square 2519 mean? Give essential references. (2)
h) Describe the land use pattern in the whole area of the map extract. (2)
i) What is the main occupations of the people? (2)
j) Refer to the grid square 1827. Describe two natural forces shown in the area. (2)


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shravani said...

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Dear sir in this topo the village Pamera is not present (the pamere village is in grid sq 1622)

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Hi I have changed the question. As you said, there is no village Pamera in this toposheet.

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what is the meaning of
stream-water course


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